The Romans conquered the world with their shoes, and we conquered the mall with our insoles!

Written by Ben Johnson

I have an embarrassing story to tell. See, I’m a huge history nerd, and I used my knowledge of the Roman Empire to fix my friends’ feet.


To me, the best part of history is the shoes!


I know - that's probably the nerdiest, weirdest thing you've ever let me back up.


For 42 years, I taught world history to high school students.


My students called me "Mr. Know-It-All" and I loved that.


My favorite thing to study was the footwear of different cultures.


See, you can learn everything you need to learn about a culture from what they put on their feet.


You can't storm the beaches at Normandy with flip flops, and you can't dance ballet in combat boots.


And because I'm a history teacher obsessed with shoes, I helped an army of mall walkers solve their sore foot problem!

Mall Walking Romans?

Once I retired, I moved to a senior community where the air is almost always hot and dry.


It's great for my bones, but walking around outside is a bad idea.


So, I took up mall walking and I LOVE IT!


Every morning, I gather up with dozens of seniors and we march to every level of this four-story mall in our city.


The shop owners love us, the security guards wave, the kids at the coffee counter even know our names!


It’s all great; or it was, until our army started dropping like flies.


I thought we might have a foot problem. After a week of losing walkers, I made some calls.


"I'd love to walk, but my feet hurt too much," said Martha.


"The balls of my feet are killing me," cried Ruth.


"My arches arches," Diana told me.


That's when I realized, we didn't have a foot problem...we had a shoe problem!


And I was just the man for the job.


I dug into the history of footwear and discovered something I'd never noticed before.


Although they built roads, channeled fresh water with aqueducts, and conquered the world, the real Roman conquest involved feet!


Roman soldiers needed to march in sand, dirt, clay, stone, or any other terrain.


They had to march in the heat or cold, rain or dry, night or day…


So, the Romans took the existing shoes of the day and made them more comfortable to walk around in.


The Romans PERFECTED sandals.


They developed this amazing footwear that allowed them to march on hard and rough terrain for 20-50 miles a day!


Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Of course they marched forever, they were young men.”


But did you know that many of those soldiers were in their 50’s and 60’s? And they were marching just as far as their younger compatriots, and just as long, with no complaints.


This innovative footwear made it comfortable enough for a Roman soldier over 55 to march nonstop, and that's what our mall walkers needed.


So, I went looking for something that would allow my army of mall walkers to go anywhere.


I wanted them to march around the mall the way the Romans marched around Europe.


That's when I discovered Soul Insole.


The Insole That Conquered The World

The greatest Roman Poet, who knew Julius and Augustus Caesar, said "A shoe that is too large will trip you and when too small will pinch the feet."


See, Roman didn't invent shoes - but they perfected them.


Rome was amazing at taking already-existing inventions and making them better.


I couldn't ask 40 seniors living on a fixed income to go buy new sneakers, but I could ask them to all get new insoles.


Sneakers are SO EXPENSIVE! But insoles, really good ones, are worth so much more!


So while doing my search, I came across one insole that blew my mind.


I found something affordable and comfortable.


Plus, you can use them with different shoes,and  even sandals!


That's when I realized Soul Insole was the Roman Empire of shoe inserts.

What Is Soul Insole?

Soul Insole is a shoe insert that works with every type of shoe.


It uses high-performance memory gel and biomechanical design to evenly distribute pressure across the foot.


That means whether your problem is your arches, your heels or the balls of your feet hurt - Soul Insole can help!


A Reluctant Army

“Donald, we aren’t Roman soldiers, we’re senior citizens!” That’s what Donna hollered at me.


“Ruth, I don’t care if you’re 82, you’re no different than the men who conquered the known world!”


They didn’t get it. I was trying to let them go wherever their feet could take them!


“Donna, Rome transformed the world because of their shoes. These insoles can do for you what those shoes did for Rome!”


I knew that was a crazy promise


But, after trying Soul Insoles for two weeks and feeling like my feet were 25 years younger, I stood by my claim.


“Well…I guess we have nothing to lose. I’m tired of missing out on time with my friends…” Donna seemed willing to at least try them.


Some of the mall walkers wanted to go to a shoe store, but I told them that was a bad idea.


“New shoes are going to cost you three or four times as much as these insoles,” I explained.


“Plus, how long will it take? Some of us won’t live that long!”


We all laughed, and everyone agreed to try Soul Insoles, and what happened next blew our minds.

People experienced unbelievable pain relief!


That's right - since we're all over 65 we have knee issues, back issues, hip problems, you name it.


We all thought Soul Insole had given us our lives back!


If you’re interested in walking around again without the constant, nagging issues, you NEED to try a pair of Soul Insoles today.


Let this shoe insole restore your strength, and like a mighty Roman warrior you’ll march once again!


Grab a pair of Soul Insoles today, your feet will never be the same!


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